New bursary in the UK aims to help women move forward in the electrical industry

electrical industry

There is great news for women looking to advance in their careers in the electrical field, as there is now a new bursary being offered in the UK to help them get the support to the supplies and training they need to take the next step in their professional development.

There is no age limit on applying for the bursary, so whether you are an experience professional woman looking to add to your skillset, or a young emerging worker looking to qualify in a trade or even start your own business, this funding could be exactly the right fit for you and your professional aims with regards to advancing in your career.

For many generations, roles such as electrician and electrical engineer have been seen as reserved mainly for men, but thankfully we live in a time where we are starting to see a lot more openness in terms of who jobs are open to. While this scheme only funds women, it looks to do so in the spirit of acknowledging that previous opportunities have been limited to women in this area of work, and it is good for the industry as a whole if they are allowed to have an impact and bring new ways of working and new ideas to the electrical domain.

This is definitely the intention of the NICEIC who are offering this bursary, an initiative they believe will benefit far and wide, from electrical engineering firms in Surrey to electrical wholesalers Rochdale services. The more quality workers available, the better for the entire industry.

There are many different situations under which you could qualify for such a job, but if you want to know for sure whether or not you apply, then the best thing to do is put in an application with the NICEIC. They have already provided over £5000 of funding over the past 12 months, ranging from a woman in Buckinghamshire who used her bursary towards the new website for her electrical business, to another woman who spent it on circuit boards that she uses for educational workshops in schools.

Even further example comes from a young lady who used her bursary to begin her apprenticeship as a trainee electrician, spending it on tools and reading materials to help her get started. This range of examples shows there are many ways to strengthen the electrical industry, which is great to see in action. We will definitely be looking out for more stories of how the bursary has been impacting the lives of women looking to move forward with their careers in the electrical industry.