What is car remapping?

If you have revamped your car engine, you can get more power out of your car engine. It is also called chipping. In this article, I shall provide you an insight into car remapping chester. I shall explain its fundamental nature, and it will help you to decide about car remapping and its benefits.


So what is car remapping or tuning?  You can describe car remapping with terms such as chipping and tuning. The modern cars are fitted with an electronic management system that controls fuelling and some other essential systems.

You may call it the ECU, the abbreviation of the engine control unit. When you put the foot down on the accelerator, the ECU decides how much fuel and air it needs to get mixed into the cylinder and ignite the engine. There is a difference in the functionality of diesel and petrol engines, and they work quite differently. But now it is not crucial these days. If you have a turbo, he ECU also controls its boost.

You can change ECU parameters through engine remapping and chip tuning. It will boost the performance of the engine and, in individual cases, will prove economical for you.

Remap your engine

You can remap your car in different ways and methods.  In a standard procedure, you may connect to the vehicle diagnostic port and reinstall the software on the ECU. And make changes to the standard map of your vehicle. You need not go for special equipment for the purpose. All is done with software, and you can upload a new map to your car. It can be processed quickly without any hassle, and you can perform a remapping procedure in half an hour.

The second method is relatively modern. It offers you a better result, but it is also expensive. You can go for a customized remap for your car. You connect the vehicle to a laptop; you can alter the parameter for your car instead of overall remapping. In this way, you may check the fuel efficiency and get the remapping done.

Some devices are attached to your vehicle. You can get one for you. You may hire a remapping specialist for remapping your car, there is a lot of tool s for this purpose, and you may get the best one that serves your needs. But it should be done by one who knows the process and offers you better options.