Polytunnel Gardening An Introduction

Do you know the Different ways of gardening? Do you know the basic features of polytunnel? It is an elongated semi-circular tunnel to use for gardening. It is made of polyethene. There are different shapes and sizes of the polytunnel. This is something between a garden cloche and a greenhouse. There is a small difference between a cloche and a greenhouse. You may grow different types of fruits and vegetables in a polytunnel even when there is no season. These tunnels provide the plant with the required temperature and humidity to make it grow well. To save the tunnel from harsh weather, we use anti hot spot tape.

A polytunnel is crucial for growing a variety of fruits and vegetable. The gardeners may increase the plants when and where they wish because it helps to make the temperature and other needs of plant available. You may grow your plant in different seasons with an extended advantage of the polytunnel. In this way, you may have favorite foods all year. With polytunnel, you may easily control temperatures, humidity, irrigation system and ventilation according to the requirements of the plant. It is done through the polytunnel equipment which is available all the year-round. Your polytunnel lasts for 3 to 8 years. It may depend on your usage and area.

What can we grow?

You may grow all types of fruits, flower plants and vegetables through polytunnel. According to studies, 80% of fruits and vegetables which are in the market are grown through polytunnel. You may grow tomatoes, strawberries, cucumbers and much more in polytunnel. Moreover, polytunnel are the best option for growing beans, cabbage, Asian salads, and onions. It means you may grow almost every kind of fruits, vegetable and flowering plants in the polytunnel. You may have to buy the equipment from the gardening store in your area. Polytunnel come up to growing needs to foods.

Growing process in a polytunnel

For polytunnel gardening, you need to plan beforehand and in time. There are some requirements for polytunnel. They include:

  • Availability of flat and even surface
  • Reliable water supply
  • The area in the sun but must be near a shade
  • Try to position it north-south so that direct heat of the sun is minimized.
  • Use the necessary equipment
  • You may hire a gardening service for polytunnel gardening.