UK domestic solar energy landscape to be mapped by Google.

Solar Panel

Even Sun Can’t Escape from Google Maps Tech. No ‘one’ can escape from Google. Never underestimate Google since Google ‘eyes’ are sharper than eagles.

Because of the many benefits of the sun, now Google even includes the sun movements in its program. This program is certainly warmly welcomed by the British people who use the sun as a source of electrical energy. UK domestic solar energy landscape that mapped by Google really helpful to know which area has direct sunlight to improve the use of solar energy into electricity.

This Google project is known as a sunroof, an important mission to help all British people to tell data about the sunlight and energy that has used in the UK. Not only that, but this project also includes a count solar panel rooftop too around England. With this program, the British people expect optimisation in utilising solar energy so the sunlight may not just waste. But the heat is also used in generating electricity.

We all know in mostly the British houses, they used a solar panel to fulfil they electricity for the household. Instead to push down their power cost, also the solar energy really very environmentally friendly. Not only that, they hope to help reduce air pollution through solar batteries with this new domestic solar energy landscape that mapped by Google.

To fulfil this project mission Google also working together with E.ON, one of the biggest energy company from German. In this project, Google will combine imaginary that they captured by Google maps and from google earth to give illustration UK domestic solar energy landscape that mapped by Google.

If you want to help the ‘Google Maps Sunroof mission’, maybe you could start it from your house. You may start to install a solar panel on your rooftop, just like British people do. Not only environmental friendly for the pollution costs zero but also can help you to press down your electricity costs in your house. Even you’re not British people, you already help Google to fulfil their mission. Since this program, release to press down pollution on earth but started in England.

Google has various ‘eyes’ around you, and maybe someday Google will ‘watching’ your sun at your area in the future. Are you ready to become an environmental warrior? You could tell us what’s your mission to fulfil your duty as environmental fighters in comments below. Thank you for being our loyal readers.